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How the CIA helped apartheid South Africa imprison Nelson Mandela for 27 years — and is now facing lawsuits

A CIA agent admitted the U.S. repressed Mandela and the anti-apartheid movement. The ANC says this continues today


Currently, the Afar people in Ethiopia are facing disastrous, appalling and unprecedented dreadful famine catastrophe. The famine was not only caused by lack of rain, drought, climate change and effect of El Niño weather conditions as they claim but, it was a result of TPLF/EPRDF corruption, failure of strategies and policies, bad governance, human rights violations, unlawful land grabbing, forcible removal and eviction of Afar People from their traditional grazing land.

A Wake-up Call: Degradation of Ethiopian Lives

Aklog Birara (DR)

I join 101 million Ethiopians at home and abroad in expressing utter dismay and disbelief, sorrow and anger at the wanton and brazen violation of our ancestral land's sovereignty and borders; and the massacre of innocent people and children in Gambella. Whoever the power behind and whoever the perpetrators are, this is the first time in the annals of Ethiopia's modern history—post fascism—that any group would do the unthinkable of attacking 200 villages simultaneously, kidnaping children and snatching huge amounts of livestock from Ethiopia.

Deadly Attacks in Ethiopia Leave Victims Wondering Why (NY Times)

GAMBELA, Ethiopia — In a bright green hospital room buzzing with flies, an older man’s eyes glazed over with pain. His hand was pressed to his collarbone, where blood seeped through a white bandage.


By Kidane Alemayehu

TPLF Famine Politics and Waiting Game to Declare Famine In Ethiopia


MARCH 30/ 2016

Ethiopian dictator Mengistu Haile Mariam,who is living in lavish exile (Gun Hills, Harare Zimbabwe) should be tried for crimes against humanity and war crimes in accord with the Geneva Convention. We shall deal with this accomplices living in Ethiopia, the USA, Europe, Canada. South Africa and Australia in subsequent communiqués.

Seventy Years of Ethiopians Suffering

By Haileeysus Adamu Akalu (BSc, MPH,MSc)

The Process of Democratization

Beyond “Conflict Minerals”: The Congo’s Resource Curse Lives On

Please read the resource curse in the DRC Congo

When will Africa come out of leadership curse, state curse, governance
curse to continue with no end the resource curse.. Norway used its oil
to set up a fund not for the state or private companies, but for the
people of Norway, now every Norwegian citizen has become a millionaire
over the fund accumulated over the last 20 years. In Africa we have
everything but 6 times more resources are donated by Africa  every
year.. Africa continues through the resource curse to donate, it is
not donated, but what is  the so-called  donated fund is talked about
as if Africa cannot surivve without donors... this has to change..Mammo Muchie

The Perils of Ethnic Federalism Part IV: The Tragedy of the Killils

By Worku Aberra (PhD)

TELL ME MORE: EPRP’s role on educating Ethiopians and Eritreans

By Obo Arada Aba Shawl alias Wolde Tewolde

March 13, 2016


Tell me more about Assimba-Tselemti-Merkato (ATM)

By Obo Arada Aba Shawl
March 5, 2016



By Obo Arada Aba Shawl (an Ethiopian) and Wolde Tewolde (an Eritrean)

March 1, 2016

Network of Ethiopian Scholars (NES)
Title: Turning Adwa into a Pan-African Struggle Heritage Global Site!
 Yekatit 23, 2008 or March 1, 2016

The Perils of Ethnic Federalism - Part III: The Contrast with Canadian Federalism

By Worku Aberra (PhD)

Moresh Wegenie Amhara Organization (MWAO)

A Plea to revise article E of the Resolution of the European Union of January 21, 2016 on the situation in Ethiopia (2016/2520(RSP)) B8-0091/2016.

Ethiopia: Let drive the final nail into TPLF coffin.

By: Ewnetu Sime

Ethiopia has population of almost 100 million. There are several ethnic groups, speaking more than 82 different languages and dialects.

Communications via AGN   between Eritreans and Ethiopians

Obo Arada Aba Shawl (an Ethiopian) Wolde Tewolde (an Eritrean)
February 13, 2016

Ever since I began writing any piece of article on the 13th of each month, I was not rebelling; rather I was complying with my DOB on Paque’men, the 13th month of our calendar. There is a lot of literature known and unknown written about the number thirteen.

AGN means Alpha-GE’EZ-Numeric


Oromo Protesters Burned Down Properties. Should we Condemn or Condone It?  
Who’s to Blame? Could it Repeated Itself in Other Regions?

By Seid Hassan, Ph.D.

ARDUF Condemns the State Instigated Inter-ethnic Violence in Gambella Region

Afar Revolutionary Democratic
Unity Front (ARDUF)

The Perils of Ethnic Federalism - Part II: Defenders of the Killils

By Worku Aberra (PhD)

More action needed to stop human rights violations in Ethiopia

Published on Thursday, 04 February 2016 08:16

CIVICUS spoke to Yared Hailemariam, the director of Association for Human Rights in Ethiopia (AHRE), concerning the recent killing of protesters in the country.

The Danger Of a Single Story and What We Ethiopians Can Do About It

By Assegid Habtewold1
Based on Nigerian novelist Chimamanda Adichie's Global TED Talk, which was filmed in 2009, I recently wrote a blog. The talk was very powerful- over 9 million people have watched it.

Once Thought Extinct, 'Lost' Group of Lions Discovered in Africa

Scientists on an expedition found lions living in a remote corner of Ethiopia and Sudan, raising hopes for the embattled species.

Eritrean/Ethiopian Youth: What is your priority, Political cause or political party?

Obo Arada Aba Shawl (an Ethiopian) ወልደ ተወልደ (an Eritrean)
February 3, 2016

Explaining Ethiopian Soaring Real Estate and Property Prices

Seid Hassan- Murray State University
February 1, 2016

Ethiopians NYC Demonstration scheduled for February 8, 2016.

Political Ebola: The Case of Ethiopia
Lemlem Tsegaw

The Perils of Ethnic Federalism - Part I: The Dangers of Ethnic Politics

By Worku Aberra (PhD)

The recent student uprising in Oromia has brought into sharp focus the unsustainability of ethnic federalism in Ethiopia. The student unrest was sparked by the government’s decision to expand the city of Addis Ababa into the surrounding areas, but the real cause of the unrest lies in ethnic politics that has created ethnic federalism. Over the last 25 years, the regime has practised ethnic politics, stifling democratic rights, infringing upon civil liberties, and virtually eliminating the political space for the opposition. The results are ominous. Ethnic politics, if the experience of other countries is any lesson, engenders instability, turmoil, civil wars, and genocide.


Hama Tuma

Cursed are we are, as they often say, we  Africans have produced a new virus that is presently holding  the world in awe. Remember when they said Africa gave the world HIV, the Nile Virus, the Tsetse fly,  dengue and Ebola? As for the last one, there is no doubt it as ours as famine as it loyally and exclusively killed thousands of Africans and not dared touch the Chinese and other foreigners who populate Western Africa.

Political cause or political party? The next step for Eritrean and Ethiopian Youth

By Obo Arada Aba Shawl (Ethiopian) alias Wolde Tewolde (Eritrean)
January 23, 2016
This article is written exclusively for the Ethiopian and Eritrean Youth who were born in 1986 and are currently going uphill, the hill of what is known as AAGMELAGO This is a conceptual trail starting from the bottom of the Red Sea (Eritrean) to the top of the highest mountain Ras Dashen (Ethiopian).

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CBC with the President of SOCEPP, Mr Ali Hussen Saeed about the human rights abuse and land grabbing of the TPLF against the Mursis of the Ethiopian Omo Valley (March 2016)

NYC Ethiopians protested on February 8, 2016 and Representatives going to UN

Founders of Ginbot 7 Force Expose
የግንቦት ሰባት ጦር መሥራቾች ነን የሚሉን ወገኖች ምን እያሉ ነው? ትግላችንን ሻቢያ ተጠቀመበት? የግንቦት ሰባት በሻቢያ በኩል መሄድ ታሪካዊ ስህተት? ከዚህ በታች ያለችውን ቪዲዮ ይመልከቱና ፍርድዎን ይስጡ፦

Debunking Oromo narratives: Soreti Kadir exposed

Finote Democracy Voice of Ethiopian Unity Radio Satellite Broadcasting Service

This is the New Satellite transmission info for Finote Demo. It starts on Monday October 4, 2015 please make a note of it.

Satellite    : Nilesat
Azimuth      : 7/8 deg West
Frequency    : 12.604 MHz
Polarisation : Horizontal
Symbol rate  : 27500
FEC          : 5/6
Channel Name : Finote Democracy

Bini Dana - Selamizm New Ethiopian Music 2015 (Official Video)

የወያኔ መሠረቱ ኢትዮጵያዊነት እንዳልነበረ ከዚህ በታች በማኒፌስቶ ያቀመጠውን ታሪካዊ ሰንድ ያንብቡ። ዛሬ ላይ ኢትዮጵያዊ ሊሆን በፍጹም አይችልም።


"…Money will not buy you freedom, freedom has to come from the bottom of your heart, and when you keep on struggling you will be free…" History of Red Terror is being told by Ali Saeed in the newly opened Canadian Museum for Human Rights.

Interview with the Most Senior Ethiopian Artist Telela Kebede By Debteraw Website

The NYU professor and best-selling author Economist William Easterly makes his case for a radical rethinking of approaches to global development.

Harvard Professor Defending Menelik's Legacy and Bravery

የኢሳት ጋዜጠኞች የሚሠሩት ለኢትዮጵያዊነት ወይስ የኦነግን ወንጀሎች ለመሸፋፈን? ከዚህ በታች ያለውን ቪዲዮ እንደኛ ተመልክተው ይታዘቡ።


State of Emergency

Watch this captivating video, showing life in Ethiopia as it is many times, a state of emergency.

Support Finote Democracy Radio

Voice of Ethiopian Unity


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