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Ethiopians sweep men's and women's marathon, half marathon in record times in ...

Washington Post
HOUSTON — Ethiopian runners turned Houston into their own personal showcases on Sunday, sweeping the full and half marathons in record times. Tariku Jufar won the men's marathon in 2 hours, 6 minutes and 51 seconds, eclipsing the previous best time of ...

Mumbai Marathon: Kenyans, Ethiopians scoop medals

A record 38700 people participated in the annual Mumbai Marathon on Sunday and as always the Kenyans and Ethiopians ran away with the medals. Laban Moiben of Kenya won the men's title while Netsa-net Abeyo of Ethiopia won in the women's categoray. ...

Philanthropic Imperialism: the National Endowment for Democracy

By William Clark
29 June 2007

Democracy building, or democracy assistance, is a putative socio-economic policy solution, which, because of the extent of the political and economic forces impacting on it, has become a contemporary socio-economic problem. Democracy building's institutional formation rests upon a reconfiguration of Cold War positions that retain, what Dr. Michael Pinto-Duschinsky termed 'such interference,'1 so as to continue subversive covert operations previously perpetrated by the CIA or MI6.

Mass Murderer Mengistu cannot be allowed to benefit from his crimes

Mass murderer and brutal dictator Mengsitu Haile Mariam (exiled in Harare, Zimbabwe) has written a 500+ pages book that has been published by Tsehai Publisher of Los Angeles. This mass murderer has not yet atoned or paid for his horrendous crimes and the mass killings of the Red Terror.

Ethnic Killings Fray Unity Marking Birth of South Sudan

The New York Times

PIBOR, South Sudan — The trail of corpses begins about 300 yards from the corrugated metal gate of the United Nations compound and stretches for miles into the bush.

Oromia-Ethiopia: Oromo–Habesha Partnership Met Another Dead-End Oduu - News
Although most of the non-Habesha forces, such as the OLF, ONLF and SLF, have already formed strategic partnerships, such cooperation between Semitic-speaking groups and the rest of political forces in Ethiopia has been non-existent. ...

Swedish journalists held in Ethiopia will not seek appeal; hope for pardon

By Per Nyberg, CNN (CNN) --
The two Swedish journalists convicted as terrorists in Ethiopia have opted to seek a pardon rather than appeal the verdict and their 11-year sentences, a Swedish official said Tuesday. Martin Schibbye and Johan Persson were ...

Diageo Eyes 50% of Ethiopia Beer Market With Meta Abo Purchase

Diageo Plc (DGE), the world's biggest liquor maker, wants to boost its share of Ethiopia's beer market to 50 percent from the current 15 percent as it completes the acquisition of a state-owned brewery in the Horn of Africa nation. ...

Ethiopian-Israelis rally against racism

News24 Was R245.95 Now R228.73 Kyriat Malachi -
Roughly 2 000 Israelis of Ethiopian origin staged a rally against racism on Tuesday, seeking to highlight discrimination they face, notably when trying to find housing. The protesters marched through the streets ...

Ato Bereket writes a book?

By Yilma Bekele

Did you see what was coming out of North Korea this week? Someone referred to it as the ‘world’s largest display of uncontrollable grief.’  Kim Jung un ‘the Brilliant Comrade’ succeeded his father Kim Jung il  ‘the Dear Leader’ who took over from his Grand Father the ‘Great Leader.’

The Fake Ethiopianism made in Asmara

Getachew Reda

 I AM AN EaTHIOPIAN not Ethiopian
Obo Arada Shawl - January 1, 2012

What is in a name?

What is Ethiopianism? Who is an Ethiopian? Should he be a native, a national or a citizen? Notice that I did not say her for Lucy is a native citizen from the Afar Land, if we believe in Evolution.


Mankelklot Haile Selassie (PhD) -
December 29, 2011

I deliberately kept my comment this late so that it will not be swallowed up by the discussion that was in progress at the time regarding the name of the flag, that is, whether it should be called BANDIRA or SENDEQ ALAMA? I wanted it to be independently felt, viewed, and recognized.  The main reason for sharing this remark is to point out what was overlooked in the discussion. In my opinion, generally, our community has  a very serious problem of looking into issues very critically and following it up to its source no matter of its consequences. Here is what was overlooked.   Read more>>>

In famine-stricken Ethiopia, a Saudi company leases land to grow and export rice

Public Radio International PRI
Famine has swept through much of Ethiopia in the past year, but a new project will see a Saudi Arabian country convert one of the most fertile areas to produce rice for export. The idea is it's better to have people employed and making money. ...

Troubled Ethiopia-Somalia history haunts Horn of Africa

Chicago Tribune
NAIROBI (Reuters) - Five hundred years ago, an Imam who ruled much of what is now Somalia, led a daring invasion of Christian Ethiopia, looting monasteries, burning down churches and slaying all who resisted. Centuries on, memories of Imam Ahmad Gragn ...

Ethiopia: Swedish Journalists Handed 11-Year Prison Sentence

Global Voices Online
The announcement caused a small crowd of protesters to gather outside the Ethiopian embassy in Stockholm [sv]. Neither the Swedish prime minister, Fredrik Reinfeldt, nor the foreign minister, Carl Bildt, commented the sentence on Tuesday, ...

Sweden looks to US, EU to help jailed reporters

Sweden has asked the United States and the EU for help in securing the release of two journalists sentenced to 11 years in an Ethiopian prison Tuesday for supporting terrorism, a Swedish diplomat said.

US Military Confirms Washington’s Secret New War in Somalia Despite Official Denials

by Finian Cunningham

US military sources have confirmed that the Obama administration is engaged in a new war in the famine-hit Horn of Africa region.

The disclosure in the Washington Post [1] comes only days after other prominent Western media outlets, including the New York Times and the Financial Times, carried denials from the US government that it was involved in directly supporting Kenyan forces that invaded Somalia on 16 October.

Ethiopian court finds 2 Swedish journalists guilty of supporting terrorism

Washington Post
ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia — A court in Ethiopia convicted two Swedish journalists Wednesday of supporting terrorism after the pair illegally entered the country with an ethnic Somali rebel group. The pair, who now face up to 15 years in prison at their ...

How Ethiopia's Adoption Industry Dupes Families and Bullies Activists

The Atlantic
By Kathryn Joyce In 2008, a 38-year old Oklahoma nurse whom I'll call Kelly adopted an eight-year old girl, "Mary," from Ethiopia. It was the second adoption for Kelly, following one from Guatemala. She'd sought out a child from Ethiopia in the hopes ...

Ethiopia: America's Model for Civil Liberty? (blog)
Remember how the US contracted Ethiopia to "restore order" in Somalia? The East African dictatorship was to help install a UN-backed government of warlords and former communist apparatchiks in order to "free" Somalia. They ended up obliterating the ...

Change has to come to Ethiopia

(By Elias Mengesha - Heppenheim, Germany)

Ethiopia was known to be an old independent free nation with rich history, culture, tradition, religion and is the cradle of humanity. Despite its magnificent record, Ethiopia today is known for its famine, economic poverty, social crisis and political chaos.


Have you seen my brother?

I came across your website when I clicked on a post on Warka.   I would appreciate if you have any info about my older brother.
My Older brother was:  Name:          Mekonnen Demissie, Age 15, High School:  Harar Junior, Location:       Harar, Keble 10, Not sure but approx     Year: 1970 E.C. ..... read more>>>>

Amnesty: Ethiopia Using Terror Laws to Arrest Government Critics

Voice of America (blog)
Amnesty International says Ethiopian authorities have been using anti-terror laws as a pretext to arrest and silence politicians and journalists who criticize government policies. In a report released Friday, the human rights group said at least 114 ...

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt to build Ethiopian AIDS clinic

The Daily Telegraph
ANGELINA Jolie and Brad Pitt are building an AIDS clinic in their adopted daughter Zahara's native Ethiopia to ensure she will always stay in touch with her African roots. The actress became mum to Zahara Marley in 2005 and Jolie revealed she and Pitt ...

December 15/2011



Member of the Israeli Knesset have endorsed a new anti infiltration bill that criminalizes the entry of refugees into Israel. The text of the bill contains the following provisions: Automatic Criminalization of any person’s entry into Israel without a permit – with no discernment or consideration of the circumstances of his or her entry. Anyone who helps asylum seekers would be imprisoned for five to seven years


December 14/2003, the troops and security forces of the Meles regime went on a rampage in Gambella killing close to 500 Anuaks in one single day. The death toll in the Gambella massacre is high as 1,500. The culprits have been identified but never been accused or brought before a court of law

UNFF Nominates Ethiopian National for International Forest Heroes Award

The United Nations Forum on Forests Secretariat (UNFF) has nominated the Director of MELCA-Ethiopia, Million Belay, as one of the finalists for the first International Forest Heroes Award of 2011.


The violation of human rights all over the world has increased alarmingly and nowhere else more grossly than in Ethiopia where a brutal regime enjoys blanket backing from foreign western powers.


Hama Tuma

This time around Amnesty International has got the spirit right by calling for the arrest of George Bush during his tour of Africa. Alas, Ethiopia, Zambia and Tanzania do not have independent and truly African regimes and the man accused of violating the international convention against torture (and possibly against mutilating English grammar) will be feted and honored and not arrested.


Ethiopian Court Mulls Journalists' Role in Conflict Zones

The trial of two Swedish journalists charged with supporting terrorism in Ethiopia has ended with a discussion of the role of reporters in conflict zones.

The defense wrapped up its case by calling two veteran foreign correspondents as witnesses.

 The silence
of the earth.*

*Midnight:**plus-minus nanosecond.*
*the earth:  silent than a motionless air.*
*the air: its vacuous bowl gnawing for love.*

Ethiopian Illicit Outflows Doubled In 2009, New Report Says

By Christopher Matthews

Ethiopia lost $11.7 billion to outflows of ill-gotten gains between 2000 and 2009, according to a coming report by Global Financial Integrity.
That’s a lot of money to lose to corruption for a country that has a per-capita GDP of just $365. In 2009, illicit money leaving the country totaled $3.26 billion, double the amount in each of the two previous years. The capital flight is also disturbing because the country received $829 million in development aid in 2008.

Islamist Dominance in Egypt Election May Be Sealed in First-Phase Runoffs

Egyptians in Cairo, Alexandria and seven other provinces began voting today in run-offs for the first stage of an election that may give Islamist groups the dominant role in parliament


December 1 is World Aids Day and as we observe this day it becomes necessary for us to highlight that, in Ethiopia, the health service has broken down and more and more people are afflicted by the aid virus in the country.

Ethiopia: Homosexuality Debate as Capital Hosts AIDS Conference

Global Voices Online
An upcoming conference on AIDS and sexually transmitted infections in Africa has sparked controversy after religious leaders and government officials in Ethiopia held a meeting on Tuesday 29 November, 2011, over whether or not to ban gay rights ...

November 24/2011


Ethiopians who were sent for studies by the former regime to the Soviet Union are facing enormous difficulties without any possibility to resettle in another country. A case in point is the sad plight of Ethiopians in Kyrgyzstan who are stranded in the country since the 1980s.

November 24/2011


SOCEPP has received a new report on the disappearance of Ato Jilalo Siraj Sherif. Ato Jilalo was detained by the Meles regime on March 1/2011 and has been disappeared since.

Ethiopian satirist silently joins ranks of the exiled

Newspaper satirist Abebe Tolla, better known as Abé Tokichaw, fled Ethiopia fearing imprisonment in retaliation for critical news commentaries, media reported this week. His exit was overshadowed by the trial of opposition figures and journalists on charges of terrorism.

U.S. official warns Ethiopia not to invade Somalia, but it's too late
NAIROBI, Kenya — The State Department's top Africa policymaker on Tuesday warned Ethiopia not to invade Somalia, but the warning came too late, with Somalis claiming that Ethiopian troops were already rolling through their villages in trucks. ...
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US-backed Ethiopia invades Somalia – AGAIN

Ethiopia’s first invasion of Somalia was the major contributing factor in causing the complete breakdown of government in Somalia. It also helped to create Al Shabaab. Five years later, Ethiopian troops are back over the border, in force, hoping to make amends and make sure that Kenya doesn’t get all the glory. Chances are, there won’t be much glory to go round. 

The 39th Anniversary of the EPRP


By Ali Musa Abdi (AFP)

NAIROBI — Somalia's Islamist Shebab rebels warned Ethiopia on Sunday they would "break the necks" of their troops inside Somalia, a day after several hundred soldiers crossed into the war-torn country.

"Soldiers of our enemy, the black colonialists of Ethiopia, made some movements into our region on Saturday, but they do not scare us," said Sheikh Yusuf Ali Ugas, the insurgent group's commander for the Hiran region.

African Union Considers Sending Ethiopian Troops to Somalia

Published: November 17, 2011
NAIROBI, Kenya — The African Union is considering an ambitious plan to stabilize Somalia that could involve using thousands of Ethiopian troops to open a new front against the Shabab militant group, officials of the union said Thursday.

November 16/2011


Andualem Alemayehu is an Ethiopian dissident, a one time member of an opposition organization, who was forced to fell from his country. He went to Eritrea and from there he broadcast radio programs exposing the Meles Zenawi regime for its human rights violations and crimes. For reasons unknown,

Ethiopian man burns himself to death in protest

Events in Ethiopia have taken a disturbing turn following reports that a teacher in his late 20s burnt himself alive last week in protest against the ongoing brutal clampdown on dissent in the country. According to reports Yenesew Gebre made an impassioned plea at a protest gathering before dowsing himself in petrol and setting himself on fire.

Ethiopian Journalists Flee as Others Tried for Terror

Two newspaper columnists known for sharp criticisms of Ethiopia's government are reported to have fled into exile, just as other journalists being tried on charges of treason and espionage.

Ethiopia's journalist community was abuzz Tuesday with word that "Abe Tokichaw" has become the latest government critic to flee the country. The pen name, which in the Oromo language means

Blowback in Somalia

The notorious Somali paramilitary warlord who goes by the nom de guerre Indha Adde, or White Eyes, walks alongside trenches on the outskirts of Mogadishu’s Bakara Market once occupied by fighters from the Shabab, the Islamic militant group that has pledged allegiance to Al Qaeda. In one of the trenches, the foot of a corpse pokes out from a makeshift grave consisting of some sand dumped loosely over the body.

Landgrabbing in Ethiopia: Legal Lease or Stolen Soil?

By Philipp Hedemann*

ADDIS ABABA, Nov 12, 2011 (IPS/Street News Service) - Kneeling in the middle of a sugar cane field in blistering 40 degree heat, a young boy is digging up weeds while an Indian worker stands over him to make sure he does not miss any. Red is eight years old and earns 73 pence for one day’s work - less than the cost of using pesticides.

The Past is Prologue: Makonnen Araya (MA) - Master of Arts

By Obo Arada Shawl November 11, 20011


Makonnen Araya wrote a book. It is not fiction, it is not novel and it is not either an autobiography of the author. The book is titled “Negotiating A Lion’s Share of Freedom: Adventures of an Idealist Caught up in Ethiopian Civil War – A Memoir” In my opinion, it is far more than a memoir of an individual but of communities and societies of Revolutionary Eathiopia. This article is not about review of the book, it is rather a reminder for all Eathiopians in the Diasporas.

8 November 2011


One report put it as follows:
”There are currently about 300 Eritrean refugees being held in the Aswan prison in appalling sanitary conditions and subjected to inhuman and degrading treatment. Most of the refugees have come from the prison camps run by traffickers in northern Sinai, where they have been subjected to torture, beatings and rape.

Ethiopia charges 24 with terrorism

ADDIS ABABA — Ethiopian authorities charged 24 people with terrorism offenses Thursday including an opposition politician and a journalist, a government spokesman said.

"They are accused under the anti-terrorism law of being members of a terrorist network and abetting, aiding and supporting a terrorist group," Shimeles Kemal told AFP.

Why Ethiopians Must Unite: part four (a) of five. By Aklog Birara, PhD

In part three of this series, I indicated that there are major social and economic hurdles ordinary Ethiopians face each day that should compel Ethiopian opposition groups within and outside the country and the rest of us to make is their singular business to advance the cause of unity and stop bickering among themselves ad infinitum.

Firehiwot Dado of Ethiopia won the women's title New York City Marathon in a stunning comeback

November 5/2011


After 18 years of illegal imprisonment Abera Yemane-ab has been released yesterday in Addis Abeba. Abera went to Addis Abeba on December16/1993 for a Peace and reconciliation Conference and was arrested from the airport and kept in detention until yesterday. Abera’s released was order by a court in Addis Ababa but the regime of Meles Zenawi  refused to let him go.

November 3/2011


“No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment or punishment”. (art.5/ Universal Declaration of Human Rights). “ All forms of exploitation and degradation of man, particularly slavery, slave trade, torture, cruel, inhuman or degrading punishment an treatment, shall be prohibited (Article 5/ African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights)  The regime in power in Ethiopia claims to accept these and other UN conventions against torture, and cruel and inhuman punishments. However,


By Hama Tuma

There was a time when Allah Akbar only meant God is great. Alas, times have changed and in the tragedy that is called Libya Allah Akbar now means NATO Akbar, an exultation of the murderous machine called NATO that reduced Libya to rubbles and killed thousands of innocent people (all photos edited/censored– circulate, nothing to see, thank you!).



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Afework Awraris Degenie's Funeral
November 19, 2011
Covina, California

Red Terror victims of Brehanu Damte aka Aba Mela

Various Artist - Set Nat -
Lyrics Moges Teka (ሴት ናት ቪዲዮ)

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EPRP YL @ Assimsba 02/26/2011

Part One
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Part Four

Now that Mubarak has stepped down some questions remain, what's next for Egypt? And what will this mean for other popular uprisings throughout the region?

Members of the Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Party Youth League (EPRP YL) at the pro Egypt people rally at White House held on 30 January 2011

Woyane meeting in Washington D.C. canceled due to Ethiopian community protest!

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Voice of Ethiopian Unity



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